- How Does Fan TOKEN Work? -

Fans can easily buy and sell Fan Tokens like other similar Crypto currencies. This is how business is done. When trading, the price of the fan token is determined by the Supply-Demand balance. Most importantly, there may be volatility in price depending on market movements and the popularity of the coin. As soon as many users have a certain number of fan tokens, they are given the right to vote for the different clubs they follow. The different issues a fan can vote on are highly dependent on the club. • Designing a club's product • Design of the tour bus • Ticketing issues, ticketed people first • Match locations • Valuable player categories These benefits allow fans to be more involved in a club they all support. As the club Grows over a period of time, the value of the fans' Tokens increases. What is a Fan Token? Another name for the fan coin is the fan coin. Another name for fan tokens is tokens. These tokens are issued to provide perks to keep the interaction between sports clubs and club fans strong. Fan Tokens are featured to give fans a privilege and a say. Token holders are found in many European teams. Crypto currencies have a flexible structure thanks to the Blockchain technology in their centers. Therefore, it can be used in this field and provides benefits for the targeted purpose. Fan Token allows fans and teams to meet in a common structure that can interact and even provide support. There are quite a few alternatives to all of these entities that will connect to any Blockchain network and even have their own network. But the most popular today is the Socios project. The price of maturing traits increases as you grow and develop Effect of Fan Tokens on Teams FC Barcelona has made history with the Barca Fan Token on the Socios platform since 2020. Barcelona fans earned more than $1.3 million in Tokens in as little as two hours. Since then they have concentrated more actively in the management of FC Barcelona. This actually explains a lot to us. First, fans can interact more closely with their favorite teams. He can even benefit financially from the team thanks to this interaction. What is Chiliz? There are a number of projects that stand out in the Blockchain community thanks to the popularity found in NFTs. The most important of these is a project working on the tokenization of sports teams. Particularly across multiple platforms, the native Crypto currency CHZ has enabled the emergence of the world's first Blockchain supporting ecosystem. With Chiliz, you need to purchase Fan Tokens to own them. Chiliz was quickly adopted by all users. In fact, it has gained popularity with the rapid increase in Token use case, especially among NFT investors. The Ethereum network is actively used, everything that happens in CHZ ERC-20 transactions. This includes the account balance exchange for the creation and exchange of Fan Tokens.

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