- What is Binance -

Binance is the global world's earning platform. Binance is preferred globally in many countries around the world. Binance is a China-based altcoin exchange where altcoins are traded. Crypto currencies made a rapid entry into human life and increased demand day by day. Binance coin is one of the most invested Crypto currencies. Binance, the world's largest crypto currency exchange, is a coin created by large corporations. Binance coin ranks third among Crypto currencies. It is on the ERC-20 based currency list. Binance coin serves with BEP2 base. International money transfer is also done using Binance coin. The blogging time between coins is quite low. But transfer times are very fast. It ranks third among the world's top Crypto currencies. In 2021, Binance coin is worth more than $500. Bitcoin has left 11 years behind. On the other hand, it is possible to say that it lags far behind the Crypto currency markets. It is an altcoin of the term "Bitcoin Alternative" as an alternative to Bitcoin. Emergence of Binance Binance is a platform where you can earn with the right moves by logging in. Binance was launched in 2017. It is one of the rare crypto currencies that has developed since the first day of its release. Binance coin, which has a big project, is a very reliable Crypto currency. Backed by Binance CEO CZ. Binance coin became popular thanks to CZ and quickly entered different exchanges. Binance coin the central location of the crypto currency is Malta. There is a strong project behind Binance coin, which has made a rapid debut recently. Binance Company, on the other hand, gives serious support to this coin thanks to the breakthroughs it will make in the future. Binance coin continues to rise day by day. Binance, which was 11 cents when it first came out, managed to double its value in a short time. Crypto currency Binance Coin Purchase Transaction Crypto currency In order to buy Binance coin, you must be a member of one of the sites where crypto money is exchanged. It is possible to buy coins by providing Binance futures. During the membership process, the site you are a member of may request some security verification. A type of authentication such as authentication may be requested. Authentication, also called KYC verification, is a very simple type of transaction. To buy Binance coins, you must first have a balance in your account. For this, the money must be transferred to the opened account. To buy Binance coin, we write "Binance coin" in the search box. We click on the first option according to the result. Then we call it. We specify how many we want to buy in TL. You must have a minimum amount of 10 TL for this transaction. Binance Usage If you have not traded forex or stocks before, you will find that using Binance is quite easy for you. As in all exchanges, the list of buyer and seller prices is displayed in the exchange section of the coins. The price at which the ledger is balanced is treated as the sport price. A buy or sell order must be entered in this ledger. You will then be able to purchase your preferred coins.

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