- What is Solana (LEFT) -

Solana is an open source project that provides a high-performance permissionless blockchain application. If each transaction is no more than about 176 bytes, it is possible to have about 710,000 transactions per second on a centrally based gigabit network. A central database can also protect itself from this transaction speed by replicating itself by applying a distributed system technique called optimistic concurrent control. Solana allows different processes to run independently and even perform different functions. Although these processes may seem completely contradictory, the work process needs to be synchronized. Nodes in the Solana cluster are named after Solana's local token in exchange for running an on-chain program or verifying its output. The system handles micropayments of fractional SOLs called “Lampports”. The greatest impact is given in honor of Leslie Lamport. The value on the left is 0.000000001. What is the Solana Cluster The concept of cluster is known as a set of computers working together within networks and externally viewed as a single system. The Solana cluster creates the independently owned computer cluster to validate the output of outgoing programs by untrusted users. In the Solana cluster, users can use the Solana cluster wherever they want to preserve their transaction logs and programmatic comments. One use would be to monitor which computer is doing the appropriate work to keep the cluster running until the cluster is up and running. A different use would be to track ownership of real-world assets. In both cases, a ledger is created that records the given transactions. In this way, the Solana cluster is constantly protected. Wherever you are in the world, when someone keeps a copy of the ledger, the program repeats its output indefinitely, regardless of the organization that initiated the activity. Solana Price Calculator It is a method that makes it easier for you to find out how much Turkish Lira is in your current balance with the Solana/Turkish Lira calculation tool. With the Solana Turkish Lira calculator tool, you can calculate the Turkish Lira equivalent of the current Salona price. The price of the hall usually keeps supply and demand in balance. In this way, it changes visibly. Salona creates an ecosystem of its users. Its current value, on the other hand, is not dependent on a central bank's regulation of users' supply and demand value. Salona, ??as a field of use, is used in trading transactions on Crypto currency exchanges as a result of current changes in prices. Apart from trading transactions, it is seen as an investment tool by many users. They allow them to keep current balances in the hall in their wallets. Even if there is no physical equivalent of the hall, it should be known as a currency. Most importantly, it is used as a means of payment. There are quite a lot of companies in different parts of the world that take payment with the salon. There is the most practical way to pay with the Salona system in international trade. It can be said that it has become attractive compared to reliable and affordable currencies such as "Dollar, Euro and Turkish Lira".

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