- What Makes Pancake Swap Different -

Pancake Swap has a lot of information on its sourdough pages. The system works differently in the Pancake Swap protocol, which does not have the preferred order book system in crypto currency exchanges. Trading takes place through automatic liquidity pools. Users can earn CAKE by providing liquidity or locking assets into the pool. Lotteries are held on this platform at regular intervals. Users can purchase lottery tickets in exchange for the CAKE tokens they have. Lotteries lasting an average of 6 hours, numbers 1 to 14 are randomly selected. The user with the same last four digits of the tickets is awarded %50 of the money collected in the lottery pool. Prizes are distributed to the winning members. How Does PancakeSwap Work? PancakeS wap is a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum's best-known competitor. It is possible to generate income through pools. In order to generate income, they lock the assets they hold into the system according to the determined investment type. This requires a simple action based on the type of assets they will lock. Conversion to the token type called Liquidity Provider is performed. Users who want to earn on CAKE are calculated over the current exchange rate. The calculated amount should deposit equal amounts of CAKE and Binance Coin. CEKE-BNB LP tokens are purchased for the amount deposited. This purchased token is accumulated by generating income in the pool. Each member earns an income equal to the rate found in the system pool. CAKE-BNB LP tokens are also called FLIP. Users can lock CAKE tokens to the system whenever they want, thus generating more income. The pool system, which provides less income compared to the yield darming method, is also preferred to reduce the risk. How to Take CAKE? Pancake Swap provides support for BSK supported wallets. Wallets like Meta Mask, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet are digital. It also has the ability to store CAKE assets. The simplest way to buy CAKE is to use Crypto currency exchanges. CAKE is available on exchanges such as Binance, Gate, and KuCoin. Accounts opened must complete the identification steps required by the exchange system. It is then transferred to the Crypto currency exchange account. Accounts with a balance must access the page where the transaction will be made by logging into the "Buy Crypto" tab on the exchange. Current prices for Crypto currency on this page are displayed. At the end of the transaction, the purchased virtual money balance is transferred to the wallet. Pancake Swap Exchange PancakeSwap uses the automated market maker model. Meanwhile, even if you buy or sell digital assets on the platform, it is matched with other users. This means that the order book is not found as a result of the mapping. Against this, a transaction is made against the liquidity pool. Liquidity pools can replenish funds of different users. Active users have the right to deposit their funds into the pool. Accordingly, the liquidity provider earns from tokens. These tokens that they earn can claim both their own shares and the earnings from the transaction amounts.

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